Scientific educational center "Science Idea"


The center was registered by the Federal service for supervision of communications, information technology and mass communications as a mass media (online publication, certificate of registration of mass media ЭЛ  № ФС 77 - 78868).

The founder and publisher of the mass media network publication "Scientific and educational center "Science Idea" is Semyon Ivanov.

The scientific educational center "Science Idea" does not conduct advertising activities.

The center searches for current publications of scientific research and discoveries in the field of natural Sciences and Humanities, modern inventions and projects in the field of engineering and high technologies, as well as significant events in the life of society, education, economy, law and posts these publications on the official website of the center with active links to the sources of posted publications.

Scientific educational center "Science Idea" organizes international and all-Russian competitions, conferences and olympiads for schoolchildren, pupils of additional education organizations, students of secondary professional and higher educational organizations.

Citizens of any country can participate in international events organized by the center. Scientific educational center "Science Idea"

Editor-in-chief: S. A. Ivanov

Phone: +7 9053455568

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Founder: S. A. Ivanov

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