The International Organization for Migration, with financial support from Germany, provided humanitarian assistance to more than 200 Afghan students studying in Kazakhstan.

Muhammad Kabin Yeskhan is one of the young residents of Afghanistan who came to Kazakhstan for education within the framework of a special program. Today Muhammad, like many of his compatriots, found himself in a difficult situation: he worries about the fate of his relatives who remained in his homeland, and is in financial difficulties.

“Now we do not have the opportunity to receive money from our families, because the banking system in the country is not yet functioning,” he said. In Kazakhstan, he does not have the right to work in order to earn his own food on his own.

“As students arriving on a visa that does not give a work permit, we are experiencing financial difficulties and are forced to restrict purchases of even basic goods such as food and clothing,” explained his compatriot Gulzad (name changed for security reasons).

“Since the scholarship only covers a fraction of the cost, we relied on remittances from a family in Afghanistan. Now, due to political turmoil, remittances have stopped. I myself now try to use every opportunity to send money to relatives in Afghanistan, ”said the girl.

IOM operations are always focused on supporting the most vulnerable beneficiaries in a crisis

The second problem is the extension of the visa for those who have already completed their studies, but cannot return to their homeland. More than 200 Afghan students found themselves in such a situation in educational institutions in five cities of Kazakhstan - Almaty, Shymkent, Karaganda, Ust-Kamenogorsk and Nur-Sultan.

Young people were asked to make a request to the International Organization for Migration. The request was made in December and the IOM Mission in Kazakhstan provided urgent assistance.

“IOM's operations are always focused on supporting the most vulnerable beneficiaries in times of crisis. The financial aid will provide our beneficiaries with additional ways to maintain access to goods and services in Kazakhstan, ”said Svetlana Zhasymbekova, an employee of the IOM National Program.

The action was also supported by the government of Kazakhstan - the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, as well as the National Center for Human Rights. "The Migration Service Committee has extended visas for Afghan citizens studying in higher educational institutions of the country," said Police Colonel, Deputy Chairman of the Migration Service Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan Tleubek Takhtanov.

The IOM is exploring the possibility of further assistance to people from Afghanistan who find themselves in a difficult situation in Kazakhstan.

Photo by IOM-Kazakhstan - IOM staff in Kazakhstan helping students from Afghanistan

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